Unite your team with UAE YACHT.

Develop a sense of more than just team work and improve communication withing your company or organisation on a team building day like no other.
Our team building and team development yacht charter uses the power of sailing to create exciting, engaging group activities designed to unite your team.

Successful team Building itinerary ?

6 Hour Cruise – Recommended
Music, Jet Ski’s, Activities

Our After Movie Video Production to share with the team and always remember the experience forever.

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Why sailing for team building ?

Corporate team building yacht events inspire bonding and teamwork, both of which are essential to enable your business to operate efficiently. Sailing provides a unique platform to help your team improve.

We have implemented enhancements to our stringent Health & Safety procedures, so you have an enjoyable and memorable party. Treat your guests to the most spectacular views of Dubai from the cool waters.

Book our Yachts for enjoyable cruising, birthday parties, fishing adventures, weddings, corporate  events, workshops or any kids fun events.

Celebrate life in ultimate style, and host an event on board our luxury yachts. In just a few hours, we transform the deck of the yacht from a blank canvas into an exciting party event stage – Be it a cocktail lounge, a nightclub, a dance floor or even a stage for live bands. We have creative concepts, to show you how your party will be exciting. Connect with us to get an overall Yacht party organization idea.


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