Guests: up to 25

Yacht size: 80 ft

Crew: 3

Price: 2500 AED/hr

Squadron, a 80-foot luxury yacht, will take you on a voyage of Arabian sea. This massively expensive mode of transportation is equipped with the latest opulent amenities. Teeming with world-class design and production quality, this modern boat is so distinctive that it has developed its own personality and fan base. The list of technologies and luxuries available onboard the Squadron is almost infinite. 

The yacht boasts a plethora of comfortable facilities like air conditioning, jacuzzi, gym, gaming room, internet, and other wireless connection facilities. When it comes to the interior of this magnificent yacht, it is described as having a clean, airy, and pristine appearance. Only the highest quality materials are used in the making of this fine-looking yacht. 

The best thing about this luxury Squadron yacht isn’t the size or the regal fittings, but it’s the fact that it is available for yacht charter for formal or informal parties, family vacations, or just for yourself. Onboard, guests can enjoy a number of activities. For instance, you may set sail with jet skis or water skiing equipment onboard. Some tourists like to use water slides or snorkeling gear. This charter can accommodate a gathering of more than 25 guests, where every guest is served like a VIP. The crew is well-trained at managing massive parties while sailing through open waters. You could join the ride with the leading luxury yacht rental in Dubai to experience the remarkable journey of a lifetime.


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