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Mentioned below are the detailed term and condition policies that authorize the usage of the UAE Yacht site. The section is to be read and acknowledged by all UAE Yacht clients and webpage visitors familiar with the policies. After reading the page, if you continue browsing our site, the act will be regarded as an agreement of the terms.

We Use Cookies

To optimize the experience of customers on the Yacht Rental site, cookies are implied.  Users can browse various sections on the site without accepting any cookies. You acknowledge our cookie policies by using the site. The cookies usage, whereas, completely dependent on customer permission, which you might have granted in case you have continued using the site. In order to match the pace of technological advancements, cookies are essential.

Intellectual Property Ownership

UAE-Yacht owns all intellectual property, including photographs, writings, images, trademarks, copyrights, legal papers, or material. The data we upload on the website can only come in usage for education and legal matters. It should be noted that all illegal conduct against visitors is prohibited indicating downloading, duplication, presentation, and publication. You automatically acknowledge that you will use the site’s data responsibly if you agree to the terms.

Hiring Contract

OWNER agrees to rent any of the yachts in the yacht fleet to the Hirer similarly concurring that signing any other rental agreement to any other party on the exact schedule is disapproved. On the other hand, when the hirer signs the contract to hire the yacht, the agreement term to submit the rental fare, deposit money, and all other charges begins. All the specified costs shall be deposited in the account mentioned by the proprietor at the stipulated time and date. On the account of activity undertaken by minors or users below the age of eighteen are bound to pay the fine for prohibited transactions and service booking on the site. 

Start to End Obligations

The Proprietor will hand over the Boat without any responsibility to the venue of It at the start of the renting period according to its flag state terms, and the Hirer shall accept delivery in good shape and working order. 

At the beginning of the renting period, the proprietor will hand over the yacht in accordance with the flag state terms. Similarly, the hirer accepts the product in immaculate shape and operating form. The rented boat must be licensed, in proper working form, clean, sanitized, and with all the required supplies, including current security and survival tools (including life jackets, and vests for kids and adults). 

For the purpose of transparent business, the hirer must return the yacht to the owner at the venue of delivery promised during the lease period. The yacht must be in the same condition as when delivered, however, normal damage is acceptable. 


UAE-Yacht is the sovereign power to delete the URLs showing in violation of our regulations. We also hold the sponsorship to change any of the terms and policies and also any content on the site whenever required. When you keep working with us during the change, you are obliged to accept the new terms.


UAE-Yacht rejects all sorts of liabilities to the data on our site, in addition to, any user disagreements over it. Users are not allowed to hold us responsible for any editing to our content.

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